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台南 Tainan

躡步凝聽行走 Gentle Steps Listening Walks - Tainan 

Exhibition at The Place Tainan 台南老爺行旅

2017/9/28 - 2018/2/28





We tend to privilege sight as the primary sense for understanding the world around us. As travellers, we seek out the sights of the city, looking for the best vantage point for a photograph, maybe reading some information and then moving on. Sometimes this can reduce our experience of travelling to a series of destinations; points on a map to be collected with our eyes and our cameras. By focussing on listening, we are immediately forced to slow down: sound comes to us through time and doesn’t present its full truth in the moment. By asking ourselves “what do the sounds of this place tell me about its people, architecture, environment and history?”, we can start to discover layers of Tainan that are not immediately apparent.

This exhibition presents a series of sound recordings of walks made in different locations in Tainan. It is an invitation to focus on the rich sonic environment of the city and an encouragement to try a ‘listening walk’ yourself.

The tonal sound at each listening station adds an extra layer to the soundscape. These tones were carried on the recorded walks. Take a moment to listen before you put the headphones on, then hear it as a substitute for your body on the recorded journey.


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