Nigel Brown works with sound across performance, recording and design for other mediums.

He has developed a performance practice based on sonic possibilities revealed through modifying, deconstructing, and extending the piano accordion. With the bellows removed, a fan drives air through the banks of exposed, vibrating free reeds. A range of objects and microphones are applied to these dancing metal sheets to create cascading sound worlds; from bending cluster drones to pummeling metallic excursions.

Elements of instability and negotiation are central to Nigel’s practice. Sound is approached through delving into the unknown: an unstable instrument, an unfamiliar environment, an improvised encounter; and responding in the moment to unexpected results.

In recent years Nigel has performed extensively in Europe, Asia and Australia, in festivals including Liquid Architecture and the NOW now (Australia), Santander Muestra de Arte Sonoro(Spain), Elsie Else Festival (France), 2pi (China), Breathing Sounds at the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Art, Guandu Art Festival and tranSonic (Taiwan).

He is a founding member of voice/new media group Mimic Mass, whose performances, recordings and screen works have been presented by New Weird Australia, Conical Inc., Melbourne International Arts Festival, Next Wave Festival (Australia), Antimatter Festival (Canada), and Blip Blip Blip (UK).

Nigel also works as a sound designer for theatre and dance. In 2014 he toured to the Commonwealth Games Cultural Festival in Glasgow with the Green Room award winning Shifting Ground by Zoe Scoglio, for which he created a custom multi-channel sound installation. Currently he is working with performance maker Ashley Dyer, in a development supported by Arts House, to create large scale kinetic sculptures that are set in motion by resonant frequencies. This work is expected to be premiered in 2016.