Wachau Passersby project live

by Nigel Brown

Over 10 weeks between mid-August and end-November Alice Hui-Sheng Chang and I are artists in residence in Krems an der Donau, Lower Austria. 

Wachau Passersby, our residency project, involves making in-site recordings in public spaces in the Wachau region. These will be published on a map on the project page to enable people living in / visiting Krems to listen back in situ. 

By registering an email address, locals can also be updated about upcoming in-site performance/recording times and locations and other public events as part of our residency. 

Those located elsewhere are also very welcome to listen and undertake a bit of mental space projection! 

New recordings will be added throughout September/October.

Visit nigelbrownsound.com/wachau to listen to and read about the project.  

wachau passersby maria langegg