Mimic Mass exhibition in Leeds, UK

by Nigel Brown

New mix of Mimic Mass Split Radio exhibited in the group show Leeds! Leeds! Leeds! at Blip Blip Blip gallery in Leeds, UK, curated by Hayley Dixon.

15/08/13 – 07/09/13

Leeds! Leeds! Leeds! brings together 24 audio works that have been made for, or repurposed to be played in a 45 minute time period. Structured to play two works back to back each day, a duration of 90 minutes, the exhibition references the two halves and two sides in a football match. Although the participants appear to be matched against one another, the order in which the works are played out has been selected randomly - adopting the method used in a football tournament, pulling balls out of a hat - and most importantly, there is no system in place that one might determine a winner.

The nature of the works in the show mean they become some kind of football chant; a form of folk song, used to support a team, or slight the opposition. One thing all chants share is an inclusive nature to the people around, they encourage the audience - other supporters - to join in. Many of the 24 works highlight common traits found in chants; references or appropriations of popular song, repetition and call and response. Some are created to exist as a type of chant in their own right. 3 DJs have also been invited to contribute 45 minute selections of existing music. Together, through use of sound and song the works explore the emphasis on choice in such abundance of material and the power and associations made or taken between the makers, selectors and the audience.