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台北 Taipei

  • SPACED-OUT 2/F, No.57, Lane 417, Guangfu South Rd. Taipei Taiwan (map)

空 外 觀 音 / S P A C E D - S O U N D Episode.1 

▲《 12 dog circle + Komuyi 柯慕一 》AUSTRALIA + TAIPEI
// 聲響裝置 / 實驗人聲 / 即興肢體 // 

▲《 Yen Ting-Hao 葉廷皓 》TAIPEI
// 聲光裝置 //

▲《 Kyle Kaplan 》US
// VJ / DJ //

活動時間 Event Time | 2017.4.15 (SAT.) 18:30 - 23:00
活動地點 Location | SPACED - OUT VENUE 空外實驗基地
地址 Address | 台北市光復南路417巷57號2樓
2/F, No.57, Lane 417, Guangfu South Rd., Taipei, Taiwan.

演出 Line Up |
19 : 00 [ 12 dog circle ] + Komuyi 柯慕一
20 : 00 Yen Ting-Hao 葉廷皓
21 : 00 Kyle Kaplan

票價Ticket Price | 450NTD
(所有票價皆附1杯酒或飲料 1 free drink included) 

購票連結 Buy Ticket | ( updating soon )

藝術家簡歷 –––––––––––––––––––––

[ 12 dog cycle ]
是由台灣的張惠笙和澳洲的 Nigel Brown 一同創作的表演合作。在他們的表演中,他們以聲音來探討我們對於生活四周空間與環境的體驗。惠笙用她的非傳統人聲發聲來製造與觀眾間的親暱互動,也以發聲方向來凸顯空間中的回音原音特質。Nigel Brown 的作品專注於實質物體的物理實驗發展,從既存的樂器或物件中找出意外的聲音可能性。
Nigel Brown 從2004年大學畢業後,就一直在聲音和實驗音樂領域工作。他的廣泛興趣讓他於各界都很活躍,如即興音樂表演、錄音出版製作、展覽裝置、舞蹈和劇場的聲音設計。他這十年來於澳洲、歐洲與東亞各地表演,小型獨立演出到大型音樂藝術節皆有。他的作品專注於實質物體的物理實驗發展,從既存的樂器或物件中找出意外的聲音可能性。


[ Komuyi 柯慕一 ]
舞者 / 詩人 / 生態村實踐者 


慕一以舞蹈與[ 12 dog cycle ] 即興,回應每一個當下的發生。在這次 ‘’空外觀音‘’的演出中,她寫了一首詩,以此作為起始。

親愛的肉 / 在空外傳說中 / 有一天秤 / 你在一方 / 重量一直不存在 / 另一方呢 / 天是自由的 / 獻給天吧 / 你終將 / 在愛裡 / 如同你的影 / 影是空麼 / 在空裡 / 亦將在愛裡 / 是是如是 ---- Komuyi 柯慕一


[ Yen Ting-Hao 葉廷皓 ]


[ Kyle Kaplan ]
Geometer的幕後操手Kyle Kaplan是一位多媒體藝術家,他擅長音樂製作,錄像藝術、衍生藝術、聲音設計、互動裝置。他廣泛地參與台灣的活動,包括有機派對、失聲祭、混種現場。
他為許多音樂團體合作 (播客) Podcast, 例如:Smoke Machine (Taipei), Feed the Raver (NYC) and Next Week Records (Amsterdam).。音樂風格以開放式與密閉式的空間、並置圖案、接觸點、航線,組構而成

ARTIST INTRO –––––––––––––––––––––

[ 12 dog cycle ]
12 dog cycle is a sound art collaboration that has been developed over the past decade by Alice Hui-Sheng Chang and Nigel Brown. In their performance practice they use sound to explore our experience of the space and environment around us. Alice uses her voice in unconventional ways to create an intimate relationship with an audience and draw attention to the acoustic properties of a space. 

NIGEL BROWN has been working in the field of sound and experimental music since graduating from university in 2004. His range of interests have led to working in improvised performance, recording for publication, gallery-based installation, and sound design for dance and theatre. His work is focussed on exploritory approaches to physical materials; finding unexpected sonic possibilities in existing instruments or other objects.

ALICE HUI-SHENG was born on the 31st of July, 1984 in Changhua, Taiwan. Alice graduated from RMIT University’s MFA program (2006). Prior to the MFA she completed a Bachelor of Arts (Media Arts) at RMIT. Alice has also completed a MA in Experiential and Creative Arts Practices at the MIECAT Institute (2014). Her improvisation work often collaborate with artists from various background of culture and mediums.


[ Komuyi 柯慕一 ]
Dancer / Poet / Eco Village Practitioner

Her body is a container of the world, a mother form, star child. She moves like a planet, the gravitational force of the universe is the context of her track, she covered with dust. She is not in the timeline of the earth, but on the edge of the unknown and the center of the accurate force.

In the SPACED SOUND Episode. 1, Komuyi will improvise with [ 12 dog cycle ]. She wrote a poem for the space and the performance. as follow.

Dear flesh / In the legend of spaced out / There is a sky scale / You are on one side / Weight does not exist / The other side / Sky is free / So dedicated to the sky / You will / In love / As your shadow / Shadow is spaced / In the space / You will be in love / As it is
---- by Komuyi ( translate by Pinti Zheng )


Yeh holds Master of Fine Arts from the Centre of Arts and Technology, Taipei National University of the Arts. His works showing the relationship between sound and visual also participated in many Taiwan sound scene such as TranSonic , Lacking Sound Festival. He is one of the very few Taiwanese artists who are capable of image programming , post- production and animation. Besides his own work, he has been participating in dancing and theatrical production throughout Hong Kong , Berlin , Paris ,Boston and Lisbon. He is currently a member of i/O Lab, YiLab and HH.


[ Kyle Kaplan ]
Geometer (Kyle Kaplan, Los Angeles b. 1988) is a multimedia artist whose practice includes music production, video art, generative systems, sound design and interactive installations. He has played extensively in Taiwan for events including Organik, Lacking Sound Festival (失聲祭) and On Site (混種現場). He has podcasts released for Smoke Machine (Taipei), Feed the Raver (NYC) and Next Week Records (Amsterdam). His musical style consists of spaces opening and closing, juxtaposed patterns, points of contact, lines of flight.

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