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Tainan, Taiwan

  • ting shuo studio No. 33, Lane 176, Sec 3, Min Zu Rd. West Central District, Tainan City, 700 Taiwan (map)

躡步凝聽行走 Gentle Steps listening walks

(English below)

9月6, 13, 20, 27日 每週二晚上 9:00-9:45, 自由捐贈
Tuesdays 6th, 13th, 20th, 27th Sept. 9-9:45pm, By donation

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這些簡單的聚集是一邀請,來參與聲音藝術家 Nigel Brown 的研究實作:以行走的體驗來達成專注聆聽的狀態。如 Salome Voegelin 在「聆聽噪音與靜音:走向聲音藝術的哲學 (Bloomsbury, 2013)」中寫到:「聽覺是由實際聆聽中產出」,不同於「觀看的自身,身體與所見物間有一個距離... 聽者與聽見物是互依互存的。」
9月的四個星期二,Nigel 會出發並回到聽說 Studio 來做聆聽行走。參與者可以加入行走,並於最後一起討論分享。一個由電風扇傳動的簧片樂器將陪伴行走的大家,對聲音環境進行團體存在的貢獻。

These simple sessions are an invitation to participate in the research practice of sound artist Nigel Brown; focussing on the experience of walking for the purpose of active listening. 
As Salome Voegelin explains in ‘Listening to noise and silence: Towards a philosophy of sound art’ (Bloomsbury, 2013), “the auditory is generated in the listening practice”. Unlike the “viewing self, whose body is at a distance from the seen... the listener is entwined with the heard.”
For four consecutive Tuesdays in September, Nigel will undertake a listening walk that departs from and arrives back at Ting Shuo Studio. Participants may join the walk and a short discussion at the end. A fan powered drone reed instrument will accompany the walkers as a contribution to the auditory city that will mark the presence of the group in interaction with the environment.

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Tainan, Taiwan
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Melbourne, Australia