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Tainan, Taiwan

  • 青春交換所 Life Swap Shop 32 Lane 148, Section 3, Minzu Road Tainan City, 700 Taiwan (map)



整個世界都可以作為樂器的冒險之旅開始了!聲音藝術家夫妻惠笙與 Nigel 帶頭探險:敲敲、磨磨、把四周物件都咬咬唱唱,聽看看有什麼聲音?就連爸爸媽媽也一起發出有趣的聲音耶!

上課時間:7月9日(六)10:00 ~ 11:00

學費:500元 / 父或母加步行前嬰兒

English below...

Sounds out there, sounds in here…
for babes in arms and crawlers
with Alice Hui-Sheng Chang and Nigel Brown

The world is an adventure of instruments just waiting to be discovered. Sound artists Alice and Nigel lead the expedition, tapping, rubbing and singing into everything around to find exciting sounds. Even Mum and Dad are making funny noises!

Each performance is 45 minutes in duration, maximum of 8 pairs of parent and baby.
Date: 9th On July, 2016
Time: 10:00 ~ 11:00 am
Tuition: NTD 500

Earlier Event: June 19
Taipei, Taiwan
Later Event: September 4
Tainan, Taiwan